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The One Pan Show
Mashpot Seasoning
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The One Pan Show
Mashpot Seasoning



If we are talking about Dutch food then we are talking about stews! There is nothing better than an old-fashioned stew that the whole family can enjoy. And hey, it’s an easy dish to make as well. So we are a mega fan. And did you know that you can take your stew to an even higher level with our The One Pan Show? It gives just that twist that makes your stew tastier, while retaining the familiar taste.


You can use the mix in all, but really all, stews. We have chosen to use the best seasonings that do a good job with every stew. For example, did you know that (dried) tomato goes very well with a stew? This is a truly unique addition to this mix. Lemon, fennel seeds and parsley add a lovely fresh touch to your stew and turmeric, pepper and cloves add a light, subtle zest. Mace, bay leaf and nutmeg also provide a familiar taste. Bring out your pestle, we are going to make a delicious endive stew, stew and kale stew together.

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The Dutch are famous for their ‘stampot’. Use (cooked) leafy vegetables like endive, kale or spinach and add sweet or ordinary boiled potatoes.

Sprinkle with the One Pan Show mix and mash. For creaminess, add a sip of milk and sunflower oil. After mashing, you can add some mushrooms or even leftover pears, apples or pineapple.

Serve with a nice piece of meat or a vegetarian burger. With this one pan show, you hardly need to do any washing up! As the Dutch say: “Eet smakelijk”: have a tasty meal!

Store Cool and Dry

70 grams

Packaging: paper, cork

Quality assurance: FSC 22000, Riskplaza


onion, tomato, sea salt, carrot, cornmeal, lemon, paprika (smoked), garlic, MUSTARD, savory, pepper, fennel seeds, turmeric, mace, bay leaf, vegetable oil (rapeseed), nutmeg, parsley, cloves.



Energy 1228,7 kJ
Energy 293,7 kcal
Fat 5,3 gram
of which saturated fatty acids 1,1 gram
Carbohydrates 52,0 gram
of which sugars 20,8 gram
Protein 11,6 gram
Fibre 16,2 gram
Salt 10,8 gram


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