Joy of Matcha

Joy of Matcha is the matcha specialist in the Benelux. We offer you the most qualitative and pure matcha available, imported directly from Japan.

Matcha has been the favorite energy and health drink of many celebrities, health coaches, yogis, athletes and even doctors for many years. With good reason, because matcha gives you more energy & better focus, helps with weight loss, strengthens the immune system and ensures a radiant skin.

Be seduced by the exclusive quality of Joy of Matcha grown by small, local growers, high in the shady mountains of Kagoshima in Japan. The matcha plantations are covered 4 weeks before harvest. This gives the chlorophyll production a boost, which gives our matcha its beautiful, bright green color. Only the most beautiful leaves from the first spring harvest are slowly ground on ancient millstones. And you can taste it. The creamy, smooth taste of Joy of Matcha is unparalleled and will stay with you.

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Showing all 7 results