Sirtaki Mix
Greek Salad Seasoning



With the Sirtaki Mix you imagine yourself in a restaurant on Crete, Corfu or Zakynthos. In no time at all you can make a salad and a dressing which makes you spontaneously dance the Sirtaki. With parsley, tomato, mint, thyme and chives, among others, you create the typical Greek aromas in your kitchen and add fresh notes to your dish. And did you know that this mix contains no added sugars? Healthy eating!


The Sirtaki Mix is perfect for a dressing over a salad, for example. Mix a little oil, vinegar and lemon juice with the herb mix. Delicious in a salad with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese. Not only do you make the perfect dressing with this mix, but it is also delicious as a dry mix over fresh tomatoes or cucumber. Sirtaki Mix just adds this special note to your salad

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Just like being in a little restaurant on Crete. Throw together a super quick salad that’ll make you burst out into a Sirtaki dance.

Salad: Sprinkle the mix over fresh tomatoes for an amazing dish without any effort. Mix the herb mix with some oil, vinegar and lemon juice for great salad dressing. Add tomato, cucumber and some feta and you’re ready to eat.

Store Cool and Dry

50 grams

Packaging: paper, cork

Quality assurance: FSC 22000, Riskplaza

salt, onion, parsley, tomato, garlic, pepper, mint, thyme, chives, mustard, kurkuma, vegetable oil (rapeseed)



Energy 948 kJ
Energy 227 kcal
Fat 4,1 gram
of which saturated fatty acids 0,6 gram
Carbohydrates 37,7 gram
of which sugars 13,4 gram
Protein 10,1 gram
Fibre 12,2 gram
Salt 32,7 gram


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