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DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea
  • Made from hemp leaves and flowers
  • Dutch Harvest hemp tea is 100% organic
  • All blends contain at least 50% hemp
  • Free of caffeine
  • Without any artificial flavorings, 100% natural
  • 40 cups of tea in each pack
organic hemp chai tea

Let's Rediscover The Power Of Hemp!

Dutch Harvest wants to share their heavenly, healthy hemp tea with the world. But their mission is bigger than that: to make everyone rediscover the power of hemp!

DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

Search for Sustainable

Dutch Harvest founder Esther Molenwijk used to work in the field of sustainability. In her search for sustainable, local resources to she came across the hemp plant as an excellent alternative for many non-sustainable resources. Hemp could provide for building materials, textiles and its seeds are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Esther got fascinated by the plant and she did research around Europe with one single question: how can we get this sustainable power plant back in business?

Heavenly, Healthy Hemp Tea

At a hemp harvest, she found out that the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant were not being used. When she dried them, they turned out to make a lovely, mild tea. Also, she found out that the flowers of fiber hemp contain the healthy compound CBD. Being a tea enthusiast herself, the idea was born quickly: to introduce hemp tea as a tasty way to rediscover the power of hemp

DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

Making Hemp Tea From Seed To Cup

Dutch Harvest don’t just buy hemp tea, they make it! They are involved in the entire production process, from seed to cup. Just imagine how great it feels to see the plant grow into a lovely cup of tea. Take a quick tour through their production process.

DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

Hemp cultivation and Hemp harvesting

The hemp plants that make Dutch Harvest heavenly hemp tea, are grown in Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. They sow the seeds at the beginning of May. The hemp plants grow incredibly fast, and by half August they are over 3 meters tall. That is when the harvest crew of Dun Agro comes in, with their special hemp harvesting machines. They separate the leafs and flowers from the stems of the plant. Next, Dutch Harvest dry them and cut them – not too small! – so that they nicely fit into your tea strainer.

Packing the Tea at a Social Enterprise

Then a dedicated job starts: packing the tea. This is all done by hand, at a social enterprise in The Netherlands. This organization provides sheltered employment to people with disabilities.

With great precision and dedication every employee fulfills one step in the process. Opening the bags, weighing exactly 40 grams, folding the bag and neatly closing it with the tin strip.

This organization meets all the norms of food safety, HACCP and FSSC22000, so that you are assured of a clean and food grade process.

DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea
DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

Creating the Hemp Tea blends

Dutch Harvest comes in a pure variety as well as in 3 delicate blends. They have created these blends with the help of ‘tea sommelier’ Karlijn Dapper. In their blends they use only pure, certified organic herbs. No sugar, no artificial flavouring no… nothing! As pure as mother nature created it.

Organic and EKO

Dutch Harvest is certified organic by SKAL, proving the reliability of organic products. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used for the hemp cultivation. No aromas or other additives are used. They have also been awarded the EKO label. This label goes beyond organic certification, awarding extra social and sustainable measures. Because Dutch Harvest use a local crop (hemp!), because their packaging is biodegradable and because the tea is packed at a social enterprise, they were awarded this label.
DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

A Real Sustainable Packaging

One of the challenges when developing our sustainable brand: how to develop a real sustainable packaging? while at the same time, make sure that it would keep the hemp tea optimally fresh and preserve all its aromas? After a long search, Dutch Harvest hemp tea found two materials that could combine both requirements.

Paper made of Agricultural by-product

Following its motto “Nature wastes nothing”, PaperWise makes paper from agricultural by-products. For instance the left-overs of sugar cane production. In this way, land is used optimally: one crop gives resource for food and for paper.

Thereby the Paperwise paper has an even lower footprint than FSC paper or recycled paper. Moreover: Dutch Harvest don’t have to cut down any trees for their packaging!

DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea
DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea

Cellulose-based Bioplastics

Next, Dutch Harvest needed a plastic layer in the packaging to keep the hemp tea fresh and aromatic. And, to give you a sneak peek of what’s in the pack! But obviously, They didn’t want to use conventional plastic made of fossil fuels.

Eventually, They found a ‘bioplastic’, based on cellulose, which is fully compostable. And They found a printer who was able to combine both materials into one sustainable packaging.

Plastic free and Compostable

By combining these two materials, Dutch Harvest hemp tea packaging is compostable certified by the norm 7P0466. This means that is composts in industrial composting installations, as well as with your home biodegradable waste (with exception of the metallic clip). By using these materials, stores are allowed to use the ‘plastic free’ label with our products. This packaging innovation helped Dutch Harvest to win the HOW design award!
DutchHarvest OrganicHempTea
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