Baume à
lèvres Hydratant Cire d’Abeille & Propolis


Pur et simple parfait! Notre baume à lèvres hydratant nourrit et rend vos lèvres luxueuses sans aucune saveur ajoutée.

Infusé avec le double pouvoir d’abeille de la cire d’abeille et de la propolis, il nourrit les lèvres sèches tout en les gardant hydratées et revitalisées.

Avec une finition mate et une texture lisse, ce tube est parfait pour le ranger facilement dans votre poche ou votre sac à main.

Notre baume à lèvres 100% naturel est exempt de parfums, d’arômes, de parabènes, d’huiles minérales, de phtalates ou de pétrole et bien sûr non testé sur les animaux.

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We believe that honey (as well as other sugary ingredients) should not be part of a lip cosmetic that will not be rinsed off. In the course of the day we unconsciously lick our lips constantly and the ingredients get into the saliva. Honey in the lip care then leads to a lasting sugary environment that attacks the dental health – even small amounts do this. Therefore, despite the great properties that honey can bring, we completely forego it in our lip care.

What is the use of beeswax in lip care?

It acts as a barrier that helps protect the lips from harmful environmental influences while retaining moisture and preventing dryness. Unlike ingredients from mineral oil, beeswax allows the skin to breathe and does not clog the pores. When you put beeswax on your lips, it also attracts water molecules, which helps your lips retain moisture for a long time.

And what’s up with propolis?

Propolis is rich in organic compounds such as caffeic acid and long-chain wax esters. It contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc for well-cared for skin. But one of the most important benefits is its antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that slow down cell oxidation. This causes the skin to age faster. However, propolis can restore and maintain the structure of the skin naturally.

WHAT DOES the lip care without aroma smell like?

Pleasant scents are something really great! They give us a feeling of well-being, freshness and purity. At PureBee, we do not use artificial perfumes or fragrances in any of our products; when we smell, then only with essential oils and natural flavors. But some people who tend to have very sensitive skin or who simply do not want any added fragrance in their care can fall back on our original products. These did not add any scents. But what do they smell like then? You could say “neutral”, always putting it in quotation marks. They just smell of the individual ingredients and everyone interprets this smell a little differently. In our lip care without aroma, we primarily smell the beeswax and propolis, someone else may recognize the jojoba oil.

4,25 grams

THIS IS IN: BEESWAX, Jojoba, avocado & apricot kernel oil, vegetable squalane oil, vitamin E, propolis solution

INCI: Cera Flava, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Squalane, Tocopherol, Alcohol, PROPOLIS Cera


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